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  • KiVa Anti-bullying Programme mentioned on ITV news on May 12th 2015 http://www.itv.com/news/wales/2015-05-12/anti-bullying-scheme-encourages-classmates-to-speak-out/

  • Incredible Years® Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programme now available. For more information go to http://incredibleyears.com/programs/parent/autism-spectrum-language-delays/

  • Judy, Nia, Tracey, Margiad and Helen receive the 2014 Highly Commended Paper Award by the Journal of Children’s Services for their publication “Targeted vs universal provision of support in high-risk communities: comparison of characteristics in two populations recruited to parenting interventions”

    Hutchings, J., Griffith, N., Bywater, T., Williams, M.E., & Baker-Henningham, H. (2013). Targeted vs universal provision of support in high-risk communities: comparison of characteristics in two populations recruited to parenting interventions. Journal of Children's Services, 8, (3) 169-183 doi: 10.1108/JCS- 03-2013-0009

  • Czech Early Years Practitioners visit the Centre. Find out more ......

  • Incredible Years® Baby Parent programme handouts available in Welsh on Seattle Incredible Years website http://incredibleyears.com/resources/gl/parent-program/
    and then click on Baby programme resources.

  • Incredible Years® School Readiness Parent programme handouts available in Welsh on Seattle Incredible Years website http://incredibleyears.com/resources/gl/parent-program/ and then click on School Readiness programme resources.

  • Judy publishes the "Little Parent Handbook" available from the Centre on 15th November 2013. (information)

  • KiVa Anti-bullying programme training is held in Bangor and Cardiff - The first training in Wales in the KiVa Anti-bullying programme was held in our offices on 22nd May and in Cardiff on 23rd May 2012. See full report  Powerpoint presentation

  • Judy is Awarded an O.B.E for services to children and families, in the Queen's Birthday Honours list, June 2011. Find out more...



Welcome to the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention (CEBEI) web site with information about our work to research evidence based programmes for parents, children and teachers across Wales and internationally.

CEBEI is a Bangor University Research Centre within the School of Psychology at Bangor University. Alongside CEBEI we have a registered charity, the Children’s Early Intervention Trust (CEIT) that raises funds for research and dissemination activity and has funded or part funded much of the work of CEBEI. CEIT also has a wholly owned trading company, Early Intervention Wales Training Ltd (EIWT) that delivers training in evidence based programmes, sells materials and provides supervision and support to services that use the programmes.

CEBEI holds an Annual Conference and publishes an annual newsletter. We also maintain an active research programme and publish regularly in academic and professional journals.

Our research activity continues to flourish and is summarised annually in our newsletters. Our research using the Incredible Years® (IY) Parenting programme with our partners in eleven Sure Start Services in North and Mid Wales, and Oswestry produced excellent results that have been shown to last. This work received a lot of attention in England and was cited in the Social Exclusion Action Plan, published in September 2006 by the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit. This makes specific mention of our work, which has also been mentioned twice in the House of Commons. We have undertaken research into the (IY) Teacher Classroom Management programme, the (IY) Toddler Parenting programme and the (IY) BASIC Parent programme with Foster Carers. We have recently finished trials of the (IY) Small Group Dina Child Therapy programme, School Readiness Parent programme and Baby and Parent programme as well as supporting Ph.D. students in evaluating these programmes.

Alongside writing up the results of our recently completed trials of the IY programmes, we have researched the KiVa Anti-bullying programme with KS2 pupils (aged 7 – 11) in 20 primary schools across Wales. This Lottery funded RCT was undertaken in partnership with the Dartington Social Research Unit. It followed a successful pilot trial of unit 2 with 10 and 11 year old children in 17 schools across Wales and Cheshire that produced significant improvements.

A further development has been a new pilot trial of the Enhancing Parenting Skills (EPaS) Programme that we originally developed and evaluated in the 1990s. This pilot, funded by the Waterloo Foundation, showed promising results and is now the subject of a new RCT with Health Visitors targeting high-risk pre-school children and their parents. Following the pilot trial some of our earlier help-sheets for parents have been published as “The Little Parent Handbook” and this has been translated into Welsh (available from ther Centre). As part of the new RCT the EPaS manual has been updated and has been published.

The Little Parent Handbook is also in the process of evaluation as a web-based support to parents that will be accompanied by worksheets and some short video clips of parents and children to illustrate the key messages.

In 2006 we produced a DVD of parents speaking about the Parent programme and another DVD of the Baby programme in 2009.

From our base at Bangor, we organise training in theIncredible Years®Parent, Child and Teacher programmes, and provide on-going support and advice to people, we also provide annual internships and Go Wales placements for Psychology graduates and undergraduates. Our goal, to establish a network of certified leaders and mentors across Wales and to enable the programmes to reach yet more children and families, is moving in the right direction.

Our links

We work closely with our former PhD student, Dr. Nia Griffith, now a Lecturer in the School of Psychology, who supervises undergraduate students on projects that are linked to our research activities. These include projects associated with the measurement of children's problem-solving skills, and with the delivery of the web-based parenting support projects based on the Little Parent Handbook.

We retain a close link with Professor Tracey Bywater, our former Research Fellow, who is now a Reader at York University in the Department of Health Sciences and are continuing to work with her on publications related to work that was started whilst she worked with us. She has retained and Honorary Contract with Bangor. Tracey is also the Chair of our linked charity, CEIT.

Through Professor Hutchings we are represented on the WHO Violence Prevention Alliance Parenting subgroup that is supporting the development of parenting programmes for low and middle income countries.

We have current and past research links with academic institutions from a number of countries. We have supported trials in Ireland that have been evaluated by a team at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Within Bangor University we have worked on a number of projects with staff from NWORTH and with Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards of CHEME with whom we are continuing our collaboration through our work with Dr. Joanna Charles on the KiVa Anti-bullying programme trial.

We currently have on-going research projects with Oxford, Kings College London, Southampton, Coimbra in Portugal and Cape Town Universities and with the Dartington Social Research Unit.

We have worked for the last six years, and continue to work with, Coimbra University in Portugal on their Parenting and Teacher programme trials being led by Professor Filomena Gaspar at Coimbra University building on an initial British Council award to promote collaboration. Professor Maria Joao Seabra from Coimbra visited us in Bangor from February to April 2014.

We are a partner with Cape Town and Oxford Universities on the development and evaluation of a Parenting programme for use in low and middle-income countries. This is currently being trialled in Khyelitsa, a large township outside Cape Town.

We are working with Oxford and London Universities on a project to pool data from randomised controlled trials of the Incredible Years® Parent group programme that have been run in Oxford, London, Bangor, Ireland, Birmingham, Norway, Portugal and Denmark. This NIHR funded project is being led by Professor Frances Gardner at Oxford University.

We have research collaboration with Professor Edmund Sonuga Barke at Southampton University where we are supporting an NIHR funded trial of two Parenting programmes for parents of children at risk of ADHD. We are supporting leaders delivering the IY Toddler group Parenting programme in Southampton, Nottingham and North Staffs.

We have worked with Dartington Social Research Unit on a lottery funded randomised controlled trial of the Kiva Anti-bullying programme in 20 schools across Wales.


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